Amazing Secrets and Little Known Facts About Art Galleries

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How to Reduce the Glare on Your Framed Artwork

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You’ve just bought a new piece of art and now you might be thinking about the best way to display it in your home. One thing to avoid is glare – you want to enjoy your art and show it off, not wonder what’s hiding behind the reflection. Here are some easy things you can do to make sure your piece of art looks beautiful and glare-free. Choose lighting and location Read More»

How can corporate awards affect a company's profile?

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It doesn’t matter if you own a small local business or a large corporate business entity. The competitiveness you come across is the same all over the globe. The market world today has grown to be quite antagonistic. In its turn, this antagonism has led to an initiative on behalf of the companies. But while some businesses come up with unique ways to increase their earnings, some others remain loyal to the technique of corporate trophies. Read More»